Kalahari Desert – Fish River Canyon – Aus – Luderitz -Helmeringhausing– Sossusvlei – Windhoek


EUR 1780.00
EUR 1780.00per person


MINIMUM: Camping 2 x clients

MAXIMUM: Camping 12 x clients


EUR 2540.00
EUR 2540.00per person


MINIMUM: Camping 2 x clients

MAXIMUM: Camping 12 x clients

DAY 1.

Kalahari Desert

You guide will pick you up from your accommodation, and the beautiful journey will begin travelling south of Windhoek to a very stylish lodge on the Southern edge of the Kalahari. The lodge is located in a mixed tree and shrub savannah setting, broken by deep red parallel sand dunes. The valleys in between the parallel dunes are commonly known as ‘dune streets’. On arrival the guest will be joining a local guide on a Horse back Safari, an activity which is never to be forgotten.

Bagatelle Kalahari Game Ranch

Activity Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Horse Back Safari N/A Included Included

Day 2

Fish River Canyon

Before breakfast, we will be joining the Bushman on a educational walk as they explain and demonstrate the way of survival in the bush with nothing ,but your bow and errow and some few tricks on how to set  traps for example Ostriches or few smaller animals and  keeping the past alive. On arrival at the traditional Bushman village, you will meet a family who will present you with the way they used to store water in ostrich eggs, plants for medicinal use and beautiful jewelry.

We than head back to the Farm,  and after breakfast head on to the south. Before our arrival to the next destination at the Fish River Canyon, we will stop at the Quiver Forest and the Giants Playground along the way.

Canyon Road House or Similar

Activity Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Bushman Walk Included Included Included
Quiver Forest      
Giants Playground      

Day 3


We depart after breakfast we head east to Aus. There is something extraordinarily special about the landscape around Klein-Aus Vista.
It’s where streaks of Namib sand merge with the bleached grasses of the Pro-Namib in
a sensuous slow dance of splendor. Klein Vista is also well known for their Desert Horses that  roams the sparsely vegetated plains of the Namib Desert in small groups. On arrival guest have some activities to choose from ,like mountain biking ,Hiking and Horse riding otherwise enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the Aus Mountains.

Klein Aus Vista or Similar

Activity Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Own Expense Included Included Included

Day 4


After breakfast depart to Luderitz .Lüderitz is a harbour town and  is known for its colonial architecture, including some Art Nouveau work, and for wildlife including seals, penguins, flamingos and ostriches. It is also home to a museum, and lies at the end of a currently decommissioned railway line to Keetmanshoop. On arrival guest can part take in few of the activities offered by the Hotel or just enjoy the rest of the day exploring this beautiful town.

Nest Hotel or Similar

Activity Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Own Expense Included Included Included

Day 5

After breakfast experience Lüderitz Bay and outlying islands on the large CATAMARAN “Zeepaard” around Dias Point to Halifax Island, home of Namibia’s largest accessible African Penguin colony. During this marine tour, you may encounter the *Heaviside Dolphin* (unique to this coastline), a colony of Cape Fur Seals and a host of bird life including rare Cormorants.

Your onboard guide will entertain you with stories about how Bartholomeu Dias discovered *Angra Pequena* in 1488 on his way to the Cape of Good Hope as well as fascinating information on the area’s abundant sea life.

Nest Hotel or Similar

Activity Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Catarmaran Dolphin cruise Included Included Included

Day 6


Just before departing north west to our next destination ,we will be visiting a very interesting and rich of history part of Luderitz The Kolmanskop. It  is a ghost town in the Namib desert in southern Namibia. In 1908 the worker Zacharias Lewala found a diamond while working in this area ,  Kolmanskop is popular with photographers for its settings of the desert sands’ reclaiming this once-thriving town.


Activity Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Kolmanskop Included Included Included

Day 7


We depart to the Naukluft  National Park  after breakfast , a national park of Namibia encompassing part of the Namib Desert (considered the world’s oldest desert) and the Naukluft mountain range. With an overall area of 49,768 km2 (19,216 sq mi), the Namib-Naukluft is the largest game park in Africa and the fourth largest in the world.  The most well-known area of the park is Sossusvlei, which is the main visitor attraction in Namibia. On we can enjoy the sunset on the Naukluft Mountains absolutely a stunning landscape.

Weldevrede Guest Farm or Similar

Activity Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Leisure Included Included Included

Day 8

Pre-dawn departure, we traveling 45km towards the gate and than 45km to the famous dune 45 . A climb up the sand dunes will give a superb view up and down of the Tsaucab River Canyon which forms the valley between the famous sand dunes. Guides prepare breakfast at the bottom of the dune. After breakfast we drive to the Deadvlei in the Sossusvlei Area. We return to Sesriem, enjoy lunch. Afternoon we explore the Sesriem canyon on foot, we drive back to the Guest farm.

Weldevrede Guest Farm

Activity Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Dune 45 Included Included Included
Sesriem Canyon

Day 9

END OF TOUR..Guest will be transferred to Windhoek.


Location Type Number of Nights
Bagatelle Kalahari game range Accommodated/Camp 1
Canyon Road House Accommodated/Camp 1
Klein Aus Vista Accommodated/Camp 1
Nest Hotel Luderitz Accommodated/Camp 2
Helmeringhausen Accommodated/Camp 1
Weldevrede Guest Farm Accommodated/Camp 2